App satisfaction manifesto


Step 1: The main drawback of most good apps was most use doesn’t aware of its full functionality,
So its must for our app to come with a tutorial or demo to it.or often pop up user with its features like “IDM Tips”.

Step 2: Ads should not be placed in the place where ever possible , the ads we shown in app are psychological effect on users.coz it impacts the brand name
in their mind,but no conversion for one is going to click a ad that stops playing game/exploring an app.
so there is place where the user rest or relaxing browsing the app like “Main menu” & “Help menu”.its always a good idea to place ads there.

Step 3: Its a good Idea to include “No Ads” option in games and app.But in offline games and apps.User just disable internet and browse its most common with Mobile data users.
so no more ads.whereas the word “premium” is more attractable. its the good to give users some more features and no ads as Premium.

step 4: Apps Colors the color of the app in directly impact on users satisfaction with the app,you can see app/wesite with
Blue and white color is most common(FB,Twitter).whereas you can hardly find app with color of red and black,which is reverse effects.
so choose a wise color also impacts.

step 5: Ask for Review from really works when new user sees the app with high rating .I found this in app asked me in pop are you satisfied with the product.I gave “yes”,
Then it just asked me for Reviewing the app in Store,And i tested with “no”,I asked me the feedback and took me to  webpage. oh thats awesome.

step 6: take 10% of our app/game user are fond(use often) of it.and having our product as must have in their they are in kind of love with,they are most likely try our new products.
so use analytics to find those and push a notification with love and greetings with our new product which should be relevant to this.

step 7: Reply to app review , nowadays users are used to read some reviews before download ,we can find some users report a impossible(never reproducable) bugs , so
its our duty to clear their Queries,and it also shows the support to our product.

suggestions welcomed.

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